Dedicated to Quality and Safety

At Casey Equipment, we stand behind the quality and the safety of all our industrial equipment, whether you’re purchasing something for your enterprise or you’re simply renting a part for the duration of a specific project. Below you’ll find a list of some of our most popular equipment items, but if you need something that isn’t included on this list, please don’t hesitate to contact us at 214-437-5214 today.

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    Drill Pipe

    We have an extensive variety of drill pipes of every size, including specialty connections. Quality drill pipes from Casey Equipment are available with hard banding for reliable durability, reaming, and keeping a gauged hole. Drill pipes are easily differentiated by size, grade, weight, connection type, and range.

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    Intended for use in directional drilling applications, these drill pipes are available in a broad range of sizes, with both conventional and spiral type widely available. Our Hevi-Wate equipment is hard banded on both ends, as well as the center of the pipe for remarkable abrasion resistance.

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    Tubing (Workstring)

    Available in a broad range of sizes, our tubing/workstrings are commonly used for well boring, well cleaning, well deepening, re-entry into existing well bores, stimulation projects, and more.

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    Drill Collars

    At Casey Equipment, we carry a vast selection of drill collars of every size, with both spiral and slick types widely available. Primarily used to apply weight to the drill bit, our drill collars are designed and built for extensive field use and dependability.

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    Handling Tools

    Casey Equipment has a large selection of handling tools and other equipment available in many different sizes for a variety of applications. These tools include, but are not limited to drifts, plugs, gauges, pipe jacks, lift caps, and more.

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    Rig Supplies

    More information coming soon!

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